Puro Hotel Łódź Centrum **** ul. Ogrodowa


Four star Puro is located seven minutes on foot from the begining of Piotrowska street and only one minute from Manufaktura.

In Novemeber 2019 I placed reservation for STANDARD ROOM which is small but preety well furnished. It has big comfortable bed, windows from floor up to the ceiling and thick curtains.


Lights can be operated not only from wall switches but also with help of 10-inch tablet. With the same equipment you can operate mounted on the wall 49′ TV with embedded Chromecast (such interface to which you can connect your laptop / mobile via WIFI and then cast Youtube / Netflix / HBO directly to TV screen).


I heard that each room has its own, individual style and unique character so who knows, maybe other rooms looks completely different? It is definitely worth to mention that this room is really quiet and you can barely hear what is going on outside or in other rooms. This is huge positive.

What I missed was electric kettle. But if you feel like having a hot beverage, just go at the top floor and in Spirit Bar you’ll find big self service coffee & tea machine.

Loft styled BATHROOM is divided from the room by a glass wall. But no worries – if you want to have some privacy, there are curtains which you can simply move and „stop the show”.


If you’re into sports I recommend to visit well equipped GYM. For those of you who like to spend time in a more chilled way I have also good information – you can relax in SPA as well.

During my stay I have not tried anything from hotel’s kitchen but if you click THIS link you’ll be redirected to bezfarmazonu’s post about decent food spots in Łódź (available only in polish).

Hotel’s WIFI is very strong and works without any drops.

There is an outside PARKING for the hotel guests which can take around 15 cars – this one is for free. If there are no free spots or you want to hide your car in ground parking then you’d have to pay around 50 PLN / night.

What I liked the most about this hotel was it’s exciting design and architecture.

I definitely recommend it for business and private trips.

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