Courtyard by Marriott Zurich North**** – Szwajcaria


Four star Marriott is located 7 minutes away from Zurich Airport. The best option to get here would be to catch a train and get out on first station. From there it is only three minutes walk.

In December 2018 & 2019 during business trip to Zurich I stayed in SUPERIOR ROOM. It has big comfortable bed, one comfort armchair, desk and a chair where you can work.



It’s equipped with electric kettle and a fridge. Due to limited time I have not tested brand new TV with option to cast Neftlix or HBO (at least this is what was written).


In the room there is a wardrobe equipped with hangers & shelves.

BATHROOM is equipped with all toiletries and a bath.

If you’re into sports I recommend visiting a GYM. It is well equipped.

BREAKFASTS are OK, there is a lot to choose from.



Hotel’s WIFI is very strong and works without any drops.

There is an inside PARKING for the facility guests, but I have no idea how much it costs.

If you think of going to the City Centre from the same train station you can get there within just couple minutes at a cost of couple CHF.

Hotel offers ver good quality for the offered comfort. I recommend it.



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