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Restaurant Zunfthaus zur Waag – ZURICH – Switzerland

During last business trip to Zurich in December 2019 I was invited to a dinner with my bosses and collegues from work. 

I have been already to Swiss three times, but so far I only tried streetfood dishes along with gluhweins from Christmas Markets, food from work cantine and some pizzas. As I am great example of a tourist who after work makes 10 or more kilometrs of cardio-walking sighseeing I never had time for slowfood restaurants. 


The place to which R. has made reservation is located in Zurich’s Old Town and facing the Fraumünster Church with its famous Chagall windows. The history of former guild house where restaurant is currently located seems very interesting – if you want to dig it, you can find some information here


Table that was booked for us was on the first floor. We went up thru the stairs and close to the entrance to dining room, waiters took our jackets and put in the closet.


What surprised me was round table. I’ve already forgoten how convinient it is for all guests to be sited face to face. 

Our wine experts ordered Jean – Francois Protheau Chablis 1-er Cru. We felt in it some citrus, apple and white flowers. It was preety refreshing and little bit dry after taste. Along with the wine we were given house bread with butter.


As for the food, all but R. & T. have ordered apetizers and main dishes. R. took only second dish, whilst T. ordered special menu of the day where he also had a dessert included.

As usual after the dinner I have asked all participants to give their votes. Maximum score in each category is 5 which means that food was super-extra-great, 4 is very very good and something that will be definitely remembered, 3 is OK, 2 not good / weak, 1 is a tragedy. 

For starters we took:

  • veal tatar with wasabi mayonnaise and avocado (CHF 23.50). Quality of meat was extraordinary that is a 100% fact, but overall this dish was just OK. In Poland we have tatars in every polish restaurant. I very much like when gentle beef is cracked with strong cucumbers,  smoked fish or vinegar champignions – here it was good but very linear. P. commented: „it was great but with no surprise effect”.


  • lamb’s lettuce with pears and feta cheese in hazelnut crust with honey- balsamic vinaigrette (vegetarian) (CHF 16.50) after counting all votes was judged for 3+ for the quality and similar for taste and size of a portion. 


  • lamb’s lettuce with smoked grilled sliced duck breast and pomegranate (part of whole 3 part menu for 69 CHF) T. rated taste, quality and portion size as very high (4). He liked gentle duck along with additives and would definitely have it again. 


Main dishes were represented by: 

  • pan fried fillet of sea bass with white truffle foam, brussels sprouts and celeriac puree (CHF 46.00) Ch. did not score it well for the size (only 2) as the portion was really tiny. From the taste perspective he gave strong 4, for the price / quality 3. 


  • monk fish fillet with red berries risotto (around 45 CHF) R. described as „balanced, almost perfect” dish and scored 5 for size and taste and 3+ for quality for the price. 


  • Viennese Schnitzel with cranberries and potato salad (CHF 48.00) surprised H. with its size. It was huge with crunchy egg & flour breadcrumb. Served with very good vinegar cold potatos. When I tried it, I recalled my couple months back trip to Salzburg when I also had this cutlet. H. scored it very high for quality and taste (4). For size he has given five. 


  • sliced veal „Zurich style” with or without calf’s kidneys and „Rösti“ (CHF 43.00) is marked in menu with or without kidneys as you can order one of those two options. I have chosen without, whilst P. and I. chosen it along with kidneys. No matter with or without we all were very happy. I enjoyed super soft meat and fantastic potato rosti. We all have scored that for 4+ for size, taste and quality. This is really good choice – when you want to taste Zurich I definitely reccomend it! 


  • roasted duck breast with orange venere risotto and market vegetables (part of whole 3 part menu for 69 CHF) T. scored very high (only fours and fives). He very much appreciated the meat and black rice. 


From us all, only T. had a dessert – burned and whipped cream with figs (part of whole 3 part menu for 69 CHF) which was positive. 


Finishing this pretty long review I have to say that we spent very nice time (and money) there.

As for the place, R. has made very good decision – Zunfthaus zur Waag is highly recommendable, elegant restaurant with grand quality, tasty food and perfect service. 

By the way did you know that in Swiss, teenagers +16 can already drink wine & beer? It surprised me as In Poland you have to be 18 years old to drink any kind on alcohol. 



place / interiors 4
portions size 3,5
taste 4
service 4
quality for the price 4

TOTAL SCORE 19,5 out of 25 

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